Christopher Hitchens on Harry Potter

Today’s New York Times Book Review has Christopher Hitchens  weighing in on the latest Harry Potter book as only Hitchens can.  Hilter, Stalin, George Orwell, Eton, Sir Oswald Mosley, Tom Brown, Kipling, Shakespeare, Beowulf, Latin incantations, “his holiness the pope”, Kantian, Russellian, Manichean, Gestapo, gulag, George W. Bush, anti-Semitism, Perry Mason, Ian Fleming, Walter Bagehot and Arthur Conan Doyle are all invoked.  It may even be a positive review although one can’t really be sure.

One thought on “Christopher Hitchens on Harry Potter”

  1. It’s not a particularly positive review, unless you’re looking for a book that is "tedious," "tiresome" and "derivative." If that’s what you’re after, Hitchens would probably recommend HP7 without reservation.–John

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