I Went to China and All I Got Was This Lousy iPhone

ShanghaiApple is getting grief for what appears to be an underwhelming launch of the iPhone in China.

It is not really a surprise – China is awash in fake and gray market iPhones.  When you walk down the street, the street hawkers greet you with “Watch, DVD, iPhone”.

Why settle for the WiFi-less plain old iPhone sold by China Unicom when you can choose from the much wider variety of iPhones available in China?

There are flip iPhones:

China August 2009 031Fake phones

Mini iPhones:


A “Lengthened edition”:


Additional colors:

China August 2009 028

The hardware quality is very good – the straight knockoffs are pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing.  But what is really cool is there are multiple fake iPhone software loads that are evolving quickly: 

China August 2009 025 China August 2009 024

Note the Finder, Windows Media and Firefox icons (the Firefox icon launches Opera).

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