This Nobel Prize Thing

dynomite I find myself perplexed by this inexplicable award.  Has the Nobel prize selection committee completely lost its senses?

I mean, what exactly is “the landscape of the dispossessed” and how do you win the Nobel prize in literature for writing about it?  Why isn’t there more discussion of this bizarre choice?  I know there is a long history of controversy around prize winners, but this is a new low.  How can you possibly mention Herta Müller in the same breath as previous winners and immortal literary titans like Sully Prudhomme or Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson?  (Imagine the link juice from that last one…).

A Noble Cause

Addressing the dinosaur divide:

Most of the nearly two billion children in the developing world have inadequate access to dinosaurs. Some receive no paleontology training at all. One in three has never even seen a dinosaur in person.

UPDATE: I am a little embarrassed by this post.  First, the title should have been just “Closing the Dinosaur Divide”.  Second, as one correspondent pointed out, there should have been a mainframe joke.  Platformonomics regrets this lapse.