I’m Charles Fitzgerald and this is my blog. I write on the economics of technology platforms and whatever else captures my interest.

I am the Managing Director of Platformonomics LLC, which provides strategy consulting services to a select number of technology ventures.

Through Platformonomics Ventures, I am or have been an angel investor, advisor, mentor and/or board member for a number of startups including Against Gravity Algorithmia, AppSheet, Azuqua, Blockstream, Blok24, buuteeq (acquired by Priceline), CoinLab, Exponential Entertainment, Hyperbotic Labs, Indix, LeadMethod, LendingRobot, MergeVR, OfferUp, Outreach, Pixvana, Puzzazz, RIPL, Shippable and Silene Biotech.

My primary investing focus is on platform, developer and enterprise-focused businesses, but am not limited to those themes. I am particularly interested right now in potential investments in Bitcoin, VR/metaverse platforms and privacy-as-a-business.

You can contact me at blog [at] platformonomics.com

Online Presence



SeekingAlpha – I sometimes republish some blog posts about public companies here

StockTwits – I sometimes republish some blog posts about public companies here.


Past Affiliations

The Johns Hopkins University – BA in Economics

Microsoft Corporation – amongst other things, worked on Flight Simulator, Windows 95, Internet Explorer 3 and 4, the MSJVM, Microsoft .NET and was General Manager of Platform Strategy.

pi Corporation – acquired by EMC Corporation and combined with Mozy, Inc.

Mozy, Inc. – vice president, product management

VMware – helped launch Cloud Foundry and build a polyglot developer relations organization

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