I’m Charles Fitzgerald and this is my blog. I write on the economics of technology platforms and whatever else captures my interest.

I am the Managing Director of Platformonomics, LLC, which provides strategy consulting services to a select number of technology ventures.

I also am or have been an investor, advisor, mentor and/or board member for a number of startups including Algorithmia, Azuqua, Blockstream, buuteeq (acquired by Priceline), CoinLab, Exponential Entertainment, Fanzo, Hyperbotic Labs, Indix, LendingRobot, MergeVR, OfferUp, Outreach and Puzzazz.

I am particularly interested right now in cryptocurrency, metaverse platform and privacy-as-a-business start-ups.

You can contact me at blog [at] platformonomics.com

Online Presence

AngeList – don’t miss my interest in Animal Feed


SeekingAlpha – I republish some blog posts about public companies here

StockTwits – I republish some blog posts about public companies here.


Past Affiliations

The Johns Hopkins University – BA in Economics

Microsoft Corporation – amongst other things, worked on Flight Simulator, Windows 95, Internet Explorer 3 and 4, the MSJVM, Microsoft .NET and was General Manager of Platform Strategy.

pi Corporation – acquired by EMC Corporation and combined with Mozy, Inc.

Mozy, Inc. – vice president, product management

VMware – helped launch Cloud Foundry and build a polyglot developer relations organization

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